Wednesday20 September 2017

Bringing Cancer Patients Joyous Relief (Video)

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Volunteers are working hard to bring a Bakersfield grandmother some joy as she battles cancer.

"This is not our first step with it. And we were devastated by the news," said Raymond Saldana, owner of Wood Masters Design.

Saldana spent four years caring for his young son, who's cancer is now in remission and over the last year, he's been helping his 62-year-old mother through her own cancer fight.

“She's an awesome person. I never met no one like her, and we couldn't of picked a better person to do this for, she's well deserves this," he said.

Saldana owns wood masters design and is working with the doctors at the comprehensive blood and cancer center on "Kitchens 4 Cancer," a new program surprising cancer patients with a kitchen make-over.

"Cancer is a very difficult journey, filled with a lot of difficulties. You go through treatment, the diagnosis is difficult, you go through a variety of disappointments and sometimes you land on a few happy landings," said Dr. Ravi Patel, medical director of Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center.

Loved ones arranged a week's retreat for Munoz, and while she's out of town, volunteers are re-designing her kitchen, adding new cabinets and flooring.  It's a 25-thousand dollar job being done, free of charge.

"Bakersfield is a very kind and very giving community and so it's not a single individual, but a entire team that has contributed to make this success happen," said Patel.

Carmen Munoz is expected to be back home this weekend where she will be greeted by loved ones, volunteers and of course a brand new kitchen.

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