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The Breast Health Center at CBCC is the first comprehensive breast health center in Kern County. The vision was to create a single location that offered busy women convenient location to obtain all the services they need to maintain breast health, including advanced dialogistic services and state of the art treatment.

Peace of mind

You know the statistics and know how important annual exams are to maintaining breast health. No one wants to think about needing treatment but if treatment is required you also know you want to be at the best possible place. We understand.

We voluntarily undertook a rigorous and thorough review to be accredited by the highest standard in the country—National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. In fact CBCC is the only breast center in the San Joaquin Valley to achieve such accreditation. We wanted women in our community to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that care they receive from CBCC is the best anywhere. The NAPBC accreditation is your assurance that when you come to The Breast Health Center you are receiving world-class care.

Annual mammograms and screening

Early detection of breast abnormalities is vital to achieving the best possible outcome. The most effective method for discovering any areas which would cause concern is regular mammogram and screenings. The Breast Health Center at CBCC has been designed to be the ideal source for your annual breast exams. You will find the state of the art technology and an excellent, knowledge and understanding staff.

Additional diagnostic services

As a comprehensive breast center you will find that all resources you would need to ensure that you receive the most accurate diagnostic evaluation possible are available.

  • Genetic counseling and testing
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
  • Breast Health Screening Clinic

State of the art treatment

Breast cancer is one of the primary health concerns for many women. If your have been diagnosed with breast cancer there are couple of things we want you to know—most importantly, there's hope and you really are at the right place. CBCC is well known for its clinical excellence and sincere compassion.

You may feel alone right now and that you are faced with too many, unfamiliar questions and decisions. Rest assured. You are not alone. We will do our best to answer each and every question. We have cared for thousands of women. We understand what you are going through and will be here with you all the way.

When we say "we" will be with you, we mean an entire multi-disciplinary team of cancer experts will be assigned to your case. Your team will work together bringing their experience and knowledge from a wide range of oncological disciplines to develop the most effective treatment possible.

CBCC has the most advanced technology and access to the most progressive and promising treatments—all located in one place, right here at home.

Services include

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Patient navigator
  • Support groups
  • Reconstructive surgery


Technology makes a difference. You want the very best available for both diagnostic and clinical applications.

We made a commitment to this community to be a leader in every way. You will find the the most advanced digital mammography for your annual exam and screenings. For cases that indicate a potential risk, there are a number of sophisticated diagnostic tools available all within The Breast Health Center campus.

ACR Accreditation

Radiation is sometimes used as part of a treatment plan. The Radiation department is an Oncology Accredited Facility and has received ACR and ASTRO accreditation. Only 10% of the radiation departments nationwide receive this highly prestigious recognition. It is given only to those facility that are able to demonstrate superior safety and competence.

UCLA Affiliation

The Breast Health Center at CBCC shares the affiliation with the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center's Translational Oncology Research International. This means that we have early access to the most promising clinical trials. CBCC has been part of every major treatment advance in the last 20 years.