Wednesday20 September 2017

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Alissa T

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor

Alissa T

I was 36 years old with a young son when I was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 breast cancer. For months there were weekly chemo treatments, then radiation, surgeries, and almost constant nausea. What emerged was a new awareness of who I really am and what I’m made of.

My perceptions and priorities changed in many ways. I became more generous. I slowed down. Now I stop and just look at the beautiful trees—I close my eyes and listen to the wind rustling through the leaves. I realized that all the stuff I had accumulated was of little comfort when I was sick.

For the first time, I look at the challenges in my life and say, ‘I can do this.’ My new attitude motivated me to face the fears I had around returning to school. I am now thoroughly loving my coursework, and soon will be starting a new career in health care. I’m so excited that I will be helping people who are facing what I went through. I really don’t regret what happened.

My life changed, and there has been so much good that’s come from it.

I’ve been cancer free for three years and still visit CBCC. The physicians and staff are always so professional, compassionate and kind. They have touched the hearts of my family and me forever.

Alissa T., CBCC Cancer Survivor

This breast cancer awareness month, we’d like to recognize the strength found within each and every one of our cancer patients and their families. They truly inspire us in our outgoing mission to outsmart cancer.