Wednesday20 September 2017

Patient Videos

Carrie Johnson

carrie johnson

Cherie Shoemake

cherie shoemake

Ken & Doris Kroeker


Connie Flanagan

The CBCC staff helped make my fears disappear.

Connie Flanagan

"At the beginning, I was scared to death. But everyone at CBCC was so nice and comforting that by the time of my first radiation, I wasn't afraid at all. They are such very nice people.

I live a long way away, but once I'm here, I don't have to go anywhere else. CBCC covers everything you need. They even set up gas reimbursement though the American Cancer Society without me having to ask.

Cancer isn't particular. It attacks everywhere. And CBCC literally saved my life. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

–Connie Flanagan