Wednesday20 September 2017

Patient Videos

Carrie Johnson

carrie johnson

Cherie Shoemake

cherie shoemake

Ken & Doris Kroeker


Jacqui Carson

CBCC gave me my life back.

Jacqui Carson

"If you decide to come to CBCC, be prepared for trustworthiness, encouragement, laughter, joy–an overall positive atmosphere. Why go out of town? The best medications are here, they work with UCLA, and have all the equipment you could ever need or want.

CBCC encouraged me to stay positive. Between the doctors and nurses, I knew they would make me healthy and able to continue with my life goals. I just knew I was going to get better. Trust was here. I looked to the staff for strength, and they were my foundation. They gave me what i needed to pick myself back up."

Jacqui Carson