Wednesday20 September 2017

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Jan S.

Faith and Science are Working Together

Jan S.

In 2009, I saw Dr. Patel and he discovered a lump and numerous tumors in my liver as well as the return of breast cancer that I had been treated for, at another clinic, three years prior. "A clinical trial for a revolutionary new drug was starting and I was able to participate. The cancer markers dropped 50% in just one dose. Where else in Bakersfield could I have had access to such an amazing drug?

I am so grateful to the staff at CBCC. They have become like my fa'mily. They are so caring and compassionate. We hug each other and they are certainly part of my support system. I love to take the Mind and Body classes offered by Dr. Naina Patel.

Eight birthdays after my first diagnosis...and I'm still here. I'm a happier person than before. I am aware how precious life is and I'm very blessed. I maintain the intention to be grateful and realize love nurtures my soul. One of the mottos I live by is--'Don't throw today away.'

Jan S.