Wednesday20 September 2017

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Carrie Johnson

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Janet V.

I am on a trail that is mine to travel.

Janet V.

I was living in Santa Barbara, happily married with a seven year old son, growing vegetables in the garden, living a great life. Then I started feeling tired, and after a while went to find the cause. A few months later I was diagnosed with lung cancer, and my life suddenly took a different direction.

I started treatment within a week. That was December of 2007.

As a mother, I couldn't imagine leaving my son. I sought both conventional and alternative treatment and called on the strength of my community and family. I know I am on a trail that is mine to travel. I have become more appreciative and grateful. Each day, I am definitely more present and I don't mind saying, 'I don't want to' when I don't. I'm choosier. On this trail I am walking, I have carved out a new identity for myself.

I initially traveled to a very impressive cancer clinic in Chicago. I made 22 trips before I decided to seek treatment closer to home. For me, the bar was set pretty high–I was used to the best. I have to say CBCC has impressed me. The doctors and staff, the capabilities, and the overall attitude are exceptional.

Janet V.