Wednesday20 September 2017

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Carrie Johnson

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Bob R.

Don't ever give up - miracles do happen.

Bob R.

I came to CBCC after being diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and tumors in my brain. That was five years ago.

Cancer changed the way I see myself and others. I wake up every morning thinking how fortunate I am. I have had the chance to watch my granddaughters grow into beautiful young ladies and to welcome a new grandson to the world. I am more sensitive to other people's feelings. I'm more caring. And I now think that the reason we are here is to help others.

I know I was blessed with a miracle–a miracle facilitated by Dr. Patel and his team.

CBCC was the right place for me. I told my cancer team that I didn't want to mess around–and they developed a treatment plan that worked. They always listened to me, and every single person went out of their way to be thoughtful and friendly. The technology at CBCC is simply amazing...I would think it could offer just about everyone some hope.

So I would say to anyone with cancer–don't ever give up. Miracles do happen.

Bob R.