Pradip Shah

Pradip Shah

Chief Financial Officer

Having managed the financial and administrative side of CBCC since 1994, Pradip Shah has been instrumental in shepherding its rapid growth through multiple stages of expansion. Originally hired as Business Manager (when the entire staff headcount was only 28), Pradip was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 1996, and has been a key member of the Senior Management team ever since. Pradip is responsible for the overall financial operations of CBCC and its numerous cancer facilities overseas, as well as asset management, resource deployment, and facility space planning, design and construction.

As an experienced businessman and real estate professional prior to joining CBCC, it was only natural that Pradip was tasked as the primary executive responsible for overseeing the planning, design, and construction of CBCC’s showcase facility on Truxtun road, consisting of over 70,000 square feet, housing over 225 employees, and home to dozens of leading-edge technology scanners, imaging devices, and treatment facilities which have received worldwide visibility and acclaim.

Pradip (born in Kenya, East Africa) graduated from the University of Bombay with a degree in Chemistry in 1973. He then moved to London where he rapidly moved up through the ranks of an importer and wholesale distributor of general fabrics. After two and a half years of stay in London, he moved back to Kenya and had his own business of imports and wholesale distribution of auto parts from 1975 to 1983.Seeking new challenges to broaden his experience base, Pradip decided to immigrate to America in 1983, where he found a welcome home and a nascent business environment ripe for his analytical business skills, organizational development abilities, and management talents.

An avid golfer and world traveler, Pradip enjoys visiting London and India with his wife, Ajita, to frequently visit with their extended family.

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