jackJack S.

"I was at peace with my diagnosis."

"I was diagnosed with Stage 2 colon cancer and had a tumor about the size of a plum. My attitude from the first time I was told was always that God had everything handled.

I told Dr. Patel that I knew he was a great doctor but could only do what God allowed to come through him. I was extremely fortunate. I believe my strong faith kept me from getting sick during treatment–I never missed a day of work. I also continued to umpire softball games, which I love to do.

Everyone at CBCC was great. I couldn't have been treated better. My cancer team was accommodating, friendly, and very nice. I also appreciate that my faith and beliefs were honored by everyone at CBCC.

Throughout my treatment I have learned a few things. First, leave it all in God's hands. Next, CBCC is fabulous. And finally...always go to Dr. Patel."

Jack S., CBCC Cancer Survivor

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