tomTom W.

"There is always hope."

"I've always been a happy guy who loves his work, has a fantastic family, and is blessed to have a wonderful wife, Ladonna, always by my side. To learn that I had melanoma came as a big surprise and a huge shock.

I originally went to a well known cancer center out of town, but never felt I was getting the answers I wanted. So I came to CBCC. In my opinion, this is 'the cancer center.'

I consider myself a positive person–that attitude comes from my faith and deep conviction in God. There were days when doubt tried to creep in, but my faith and the incredible support I received from everyone at CBCC always reassured me, always kept me going. I am pleased to say that I never missed a day of work.

The people at CBCC are amazing. Dr. Patel and the entire staff at CBCC completely supported my beliefs and strong faith. I have finished my treatment, and as I look back this is what I've learned: I have learned to keep my faith, stay strong, find a great doctor, and that there is always hope. Always."

Tom W., CBCC Cancer Survivor

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