vickiVickie M.

"Having CBCC in our community is truly wonderful."

"When I was diagnosed with cancer my family, of course, wanted me to seek the best care and suggested I go to one of the large hospitals out of the area. So I did my research. I asked the doctors at those prestigious cancer centers about CBCC. They told me that CBCC was a world-class cancer center and was conveniently located in my own backyard.

I felt safe at CBCC. I trusted my doctors and had faith in what they told me. I began to see them as my strong friends who I could lean on for support.

I made a decision when I learned I had cancer. I decided to be who I truly am—powerful and positive. I know being alive is a gift. I learned to trust and believe in myself and I realize that people are the most important thing—people are what bring meaning and joy to my life."

Vickie M., Colorectal Cancer Survivor

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