cindyCindy M.

"I tell friends go directly to CBCC, they’ll save your life."

"I will never forget the day I was told I had a brain tumor. The prognosis was grim. I had only a 3% chance of survival. That was six years ago. Dr. Patel gave me the strength to go through it.

Everyone at CBCC treated me with compassion. I could feel it was truly authentic and so loving. I’ve asked myself so many times, ‘How do you get that many people who are that compassionate all in the same building?’ All the staff has joy coming from them.

I still teach fitness classes several days a week and work at the job I’ve had for 25 years. But cancer changed me. I am definitely a different person. I never miss an opportunity to love someone. I give love and encouragement to everyone I meet. I even sometimes go to CBCC just to talk to the patients and remind them to remain hopeful and keep their faith."

Cindy M., Brain Tumor Survivor

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