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I decided to go with CBCC because the doctor presented a treatment that worked best for me, my family, and overall situation at home. I felt they listened more than the other oncologists I met with who weren’t willing to be flexible.

Tiffany Cooks

Tiffany Cooks was a survivor long before coming to CBCC. She lost her mother at the age of 15 and learned how to face life on her own from teenage years. She brought this tenacity in fighting her battle with stage two breast cancer.

In 2018, doctors had discovered her husband had a brain tumor, and two weeks later she was diagnosed with cancer herself. When she learned her diagnosis, she was sent to CBCC on the same day. It was obvious she needed to begin treatment, but Tiffany was not ready. She spent about a month exploring her options, visiting different doctors, and looking for natural remedies.

Abruptly, her husband’s tumor hemorrhaged, and they had to go for an emergency surgery. It was successfully removed, yet Tiffany was adamant about being there for him fully, even if it meant delaying her own healing.

“Dr. Patel called to check in on me and my family, letting me know that I have his support. I’ll never forget that. I wasn’t just a patient to him.”

Getting Through Treatment

It was only after her husband recovered was she comfortable in starting her own therapy. Tiffany did a lot of research prior, she knew how she wanted to go about her process, and desired a comprehensive plan for herself.

She did three months of chemo at CBCC, with slightly lighter doses administered weekly, in order to tend to her family.

Coming Back to Life

“Going through all of this changed me. I came out of it an even stronger person thanks to the support I had. Everyone there knew my name, and made it a point to get to know me. They were super caring, which helped with all else I was dealing with at home.”

Tiffany is beyond grateful and confident in telling her story today. Her journey with CBCC gave her a greater voice, and she hopes to write a book some day.


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Ravi Patel, MD, FACP

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